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Patanjali Advisory Group, an arm of Patanjali Associates, focuses on the niche area of real estate regulatory and compliance work as its core practice area. We offer strategic legal and regulatory advice and customised solutions to our clients based on extensive industry expertise.

With the advent of the new Real Estate Regulatory Act (awaiting Presidential assent & notification), a set of rights and obligations are sought to be created for developers, agents and buyers. Compliance requirements for projects (new and on-going) will increase, as each project will now have to be vetted by experts/professionals. Stringent penalties have been prescribed under the Act for non-compliance.

The central and state governments are required to establish the regulatory authority within one year of the proposed law coming into force.

By virtue of this change, the real estate sector is likely to transform and become more regulated in the future.

We, at Patanjali Advisory Group, have leveraged research and knowledge to deliver value added services in this niche and complex area.

Our clients benefit from our rich industry expertise and an integrated approach providing innovative compliance solutions.


    Chief Strategy Officer

Surendra Kaul, is a veteran of the real-estate with over 30 years of rich and varied experience in the corporate sector. He has a sharp business acumen and professional standing with up to date knowledge of the entire spectrum of real estate in India.
Almost all through the length of his long career, Surendra has been deeply involved in structuring real estate transactions of all kinds including legal due-diligence, taxation matters and legal contracts. He has been involved in complex international and domestic business arrangements and other commercial and specialized corporate transactions. He has played a key role in restructuring arrangements for companies, negotiating and establishing joint ventures and other commercial arrangements.
He has decades of experience in Corporate Regulatory and Governance matters, Intellectual Property Laws, Corporate Litigation, Amalgamation and Mergers etc.
Surendra Kaul has worked with Max India Limited for about three decades in various capacities that includes as the Director - Legal & Corporate Affairs. He has been on Board of Directors of Max India Limited, the flagship company of the Max India Group.


Mr. Amoolya Kumar Sharma has valuable professional experience in corporate legal & finance of more than 36 years. He has postgraduate degree in commerce and also holds degree in law. Since 1991, he had been dealing with land/property matters in Delhi High Court and Arbitration Tribunals.
He had successfully pleaded the land matters before various revenue courts. He has vast experience of dealing with revenue departments and development authority. His area of expertise is Land Laws specially of the states of Delhi, Uttakhand, Utter Pradesh and Haryana, dealing with revenue courts i.e. from the court of Tehshildar to the court of Chief Revenue Commissioner, Land aggregation, Due Diligence, preparation/registration of property documents.

    Senior Associate

Urvashi is a law graduate from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. A corporate lawyer with more than 5 years of experience in the field of real estate and life insurance, Urvashi has been extensively involved in policy research & analysis and providing strategic inputs. She has a deep understanding of commercial matters and is adept at reviewing & vetting of a broad range of contracts & legal documentation.



1. Filing of application and preparation of complete documentation, annexures and papers for registration with Real Estate Authority of:
  a) Promoters; and
  b) Real Estate Agents


  1) Assist in obtaining commencement certificate for projects
  2) Review of Advertisements (Pamphlets/Brochures) of each project by the Promoter
  3) Review of Advertisements (Pamphlets/Brochures) released by each Real Estate Agent for any real estate project.
  4) Legal vetting of web pages on website of Authority providing details of the Project.
  5) Review of on-going project related disclosures
  6) Assist in obtaining completion certificate for projects.


  1) Promoters’ declaration regarding Project Land.
  2) Performa Agreements with Allottees
  3) Execution and registration of conveyance deeds.


  1) Creation of Escrow Account
  2) Maintenance of Escrow Account.


  1) Legal Due-diligence of land
  2) Legal opinions
  3) Legal documentation


India offers a complex and daunting business environment which most people find difficult to navigate. Of late, a concerted drive is underway to untie the knots and make the environment more friendly and thereby make India an easy place to do business.

Given the current state of regulatory complexities, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on mandates from our clients who need hand-holding to establish, grow and flourish their businesses.

In this rapidly changing technologically driven business environment, the margin of error is close to zero. Decisions taken in haste and later retracted cause immense damage to the business as well as reputational loss to the brand and the promoters.

It is therefore, incumbent that the regulatory imperatives are always borne in mind before committing resources.

Our advisory services offering is customized to partner with our clients through their corporate journey and being on their side each step of the way.

We have put together a team of professionals who deliver value and provide customized solutions through advocacy work and managing mandates for effective communication with the regulators. This we do through our expertise and deep knowledge of regulations, managing mandates and external environment.

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